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Nianbei Sun’s appearance at the Meeting 69 of the Standing Committee on Finance (FINA)
Published time: 2015-03-05

Nianbei Sun, General Manager of China Construction Bank Toronto Branch

February 27, 2015

China Construction Bank Toronto Branch Principal Officer, Nianbei Sun, was among a small group of key market experts, invited to present at the Meeting No. 69 of the Standing Committee on Finance of the 41st Parliament, 2nd session of the House of Commons.

Ms. Sun took part in the Committee study on the Canadian Renminbi Center as the expert witness on February 26, 2015 in Ottawa. Other witnesses included CEO of AdvantageBC, and Managing Director from RBC. Chairman of City of London Corporation from UK also connected in through the videoconference to provide evidence of how the Renminbi center benefited the City of London.

In this meeting, Ms. Sun, the only Chinese bank representative, delivered the developmental history of Offshore RMB center and voiced successful experience evidences,that CCB facilitated theCity of London to build its Offshore RMB center in UK. The study by the government of Canada reflected the desire of Canada to build the first offshore RMB center in Toronto. Ms. Sun also emphasized Toronto Branch’s determination to be part of the first North America offshore RMB hub project.

China Construction Bank, Toronto Branch is only 3 months since its grand opening, yet it is proactively involved in the local market to endorse Renminbi business in Canada and to promote the CCB’s expertise in Renminbi trade products.

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